My Commitment To You

Being able to channel Reiki Energy and other energy healing modalities to heal the mind, body, and soul, is my purpose in life.

If I'm fortunate enough for you to chose as your Reiki practitioner, you will have my commitment to:

  • Being at the top of my game: Though all Reiki practitioners become properly attuned to channel Reiki energy, it requires regular self-care to maximize energy flow. I practice self-Reiki daily and receive Reiki treatments at least once-a-month. Additionally, my diet, meditation, and sleep practices all align with providing optimal Reiki results.
  • Share my knowledge with you: An educated client understands the value of a Reiki or Sound Vibrational Reiki healing. Before beginning a Reiki treatment, I will make sure you're properly on-boarded and understand the value of the session you'll be receiving.

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My Story

In 2005, I lost my dad in a tragic automobile accident. After my dad's passing, I lost a few other souls that were core to my being. For years I struggled with unbearable grief, loss, and pain.

At the same time, unbeknownst to me, God/Source/Spirit was using these losses to open me up to a spiritual awakening powerful enough to change my whole way of life. (Click here to continue reading)