"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." - Plato

Be good to yourselfOne truth that I’ve learned throughout my life is to give grace to everyone, because, let's face it--life can be hard and we really don't know what others are going through.

I recall a time where I’d gone into the office over a scheduled holiday break. The plan was to get a few things done without distraction while others were out on vacation. However, when I arrived at the office, a co-worker noticed me and asked for help on a project. While I obliged to assist—I did so begrudgingly. I thought to myself, “Had I not come in today, she wouldn’t have asked me for help. And she knows I’m not supposed to be here. What gives?’

After taking the time to help my co-worker out, my soul felt heavy. I went back to her office and apologized for any friction she might have felt from as we worked on the project together. She accepted my apology and relayed that she hadn’t noticed. She then went on to share that she was told right before the holiday break that she was being let go and needed to complete a few tasks before her employment terminated. This led to an immensely powerful spiritual conversation and a reminder from my Soul to always be kind.

For many of you reading this article now, life has taught you the same lesson.
I’m grateful for life being the teacher it is. We’re all here and alive with the purpose of learning important soul lessons. Each of us has a path we’re following and we know the journey isn’t always easy. With that perspective, it becomes easy to give others grace.

So, why then is it so challenging to treat ourselves the same as we do others? Why are we often so critical and judgmental of ourselves? Have you ever thought about this?

Many of us have that little voice inside of our heads that whispers:

  • "You're not good enough."
  • "You're not worthy of the life you want."
  • "You really messed up this time, what's wrong with you?"
  • "Why would anyone love you? You don't even love yourself."

Maybe we had parents that weren't there to support us emotionally. Maybe we spend too much time on social media comparing ourselves to others' perfectly curated life. Maybe other things. But, regardless of the cause--the effect is real.

It's this mindset that not only keeps us from becoming who we're meant to be--it can also make us sick physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It can throw our Chakras off and keep the necessary Ki (life force energy) from flowing through our bodies as it should.

We were not meant to live life this way. Think of all you've overcome and look what you've made it through. Think of how much you give of yourself to others. You're a survivor. You're a warrior. And it's important that you give yourself the grace that you afford others.

Of course, easier said than done, right? How do we begin to change the way we treat ourselves. I can only share what I know has personally worked for me:

  • Learn to meditate! It's powerful
  • As you get into each meditation, say a brief prayer asking the Universe (or whatever Source from the faith you practice) to fill you with self-love.
  • Practice daily affirmations like,
    • "I am enough"
    • "I am love"
    • "I am in control of how I feel about myself"
    • "I love myself. I love myself so much"
  • Surround yourself with people who lift you up. Distance yourself from detractors
  • Self-care such as Reiki and massage
  • Find what works for you!

Thank you for reading.

Adam Dince
Reiki Practitioner/Healer

What Is Reiki

Ki is the life force energy that animates every living being. It's been around since the beginning of time. Ki is what keeps our physical bodies, our minds, and our souls alive and healthy.

Although we may not realize it, our emotions, thoughts, and feelings all affect the flow of Ki (life-force energy) throughout our being. When Ki is able to move freely throughout our body, our mind, body, soul connection is strong. When Ki is disrupted or blocked, physical or emotional imbalances occur.

For example, maybe you have a strenuous job that causes you to frequently worry. Maybe that job begins to give you digestive problems or lack of sleep. One thing leads to another. That worry you feel (most likely deriving from fear) is causing you both emotional and physical imbalances.

Other examples:

  • You have a sick family member that you're responsible caring for.
  • A dear loved one you've recently lost.
  • A recent job loss.
  • A relationship on the rocks or one that didn't work out

We all know that it doesn't take much to throw our energy out of whack.

Reiki is a spiritual energy healing that can help with all of the above. While it is not a replacement for traditional medicine, it's a fantastic supplement.

We Reiki practitioners are energy healers that have been attuned in such a way that allows Reiki energy to be channeled from the Universe, through our bodies, and into your energetic field.

I like to refer to Reiki as smart energy. The reason being is that the energy knows exactly where to go in our body to heal it.

So, how do you know if a Reiki session can help you?

Are you ready to introduce the healing effects of Reiki into your life? Schedule a consultation or appointment today!